Spousal Support
In circumstances in which there is insufficient property to provide income for the support of a spouse or that spouse does not have the capacity to provide his or her own reasonable support (or is caring for a child under 30 months of age or who is incapacitated), spousal support (maintenance or alimony) may be ordered for a period of time. If the parties cannot agree as to the necessity, amount, or duration of spousal support, the Court or arbitrator will consider evidence concerning the maintenance-seeker’s employment, education, work experience, age, mental and physical health, length of the marriage, and standard of living during the marriage as well as the potential maintenance-payer’s ability to meet his or her own financial needs while meeting the needs of the maintenance-seeker and enter orders as to the necessity, amount and duration of such support. If the parties can reach agreements as to spousal support there are more options available to them than can be obtained through the courts.